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Hosted by AABD

6 December 2019
The Rizqun International Hotel
Brunai Darussalam


IArbI Membership Information

IArbI membership is available for Indonesian citizen residing in Indonesia, and have had the experience as arbitrator in least 3 resolved disputes.

Membership tiers is classified as follow:

    1. Associate Member, is the base membership tier, requiring the submission of application and its requirements, and 3 recommendations from 3 individual members of IArbI.
    2. Member, and advanced membership, that is available for an Associate Member of IArbI that has fulfilled further qualifications and approval by the Executive Board of IArbI. Requirements for Member qualifications shall be specified by the Executive Board of IArbI.
    3. Fellow, membership qualification shall be specified by the Executive Board of IArbI.
    4. Honorary Member, is special designation membership granted by IArbI to individual that is deemed to have a substantial contribution in the development of IArbI as well as significant role in advocating the use of Arbitration and ADR.

    Registration form for Associate Member application is available for download on this link.