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Hosted by AABD

6 December 2019
The Rizqun International Hotel
Brunai Darussalam


Welcome Arbitrators

You have arrived at INSTITUT ARBITER INDONESIA (IArbI), the first and currently the only professional arbitrators organization in Indonesia.

IArbI is founded by the initiative of prominent indonesian arbitrators of BANI Arbitration Center, having a common vision of having an independent professional arbitration, a role which at that time was incorporated into BANI Arbitration Center which compiled a list of qualified arbitrators, providing the organizational structure and qualifications for fellow arbitrators, and maintaining network and contact with other professional arbitrators organization worldwide.

Established in December 2012, IArbI is aimed to provide a professional structure for arbitrators both Indonesian or foreign, to facilitate global networking with other professional organizations worldwide, and to act as the base organization for its members in their efforts in improving their skills and global professional network. During the first years of its inception, IArbI will first actively promoting itself, as well as conducting a smooth and synchronized transfer of activities and obligations of an arbitrators institution orginally maintained by BANI.